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A Financially Organized Life

Posted on April 19, 2023

As tax season wraps up, this is a great time to make sure your important documents are organized. We wanted to share some tips on creating a system to order and arrange your bills, statements, insurance policies, and other financial paperwork.

Efficient record-keeping is the cornerstone of a robust and healthy financial life. When you have a system in place, you can easily locate and retrieve what you need. This saves time and effort when updating your financial plan, applying for loans, making a major purchase, establishing or updating estate planning documents, and more. Having information well-organized also sets the stage for better decision-making on investments, budgeting, and financial planning.  

When preparing to meet with your financial advisor, you want to focus on your goals, monthly cash flows, changes with your taxes, etc.; you do not want to stress about chasing down and locating information at the last minute.  

Financial paperwork generally falls into the following categories: investments, taxes, credit cards and loans, savings accounts, insurance, and estate planning. Here is a handy checklist to review what you should keep on hand in those areas.  

As part of Larson’s vision and commitment to being your one-stop financial resource, we offer an online portal for each of our clients. Aside from providing you with a real-time data feed on your managed accounts through secure data connections, this portal has a document vault feature where information can be uploaded and stored. This simple-to-navigate dashboard is an excellent tool to organize your essential documents.  

If you have not signed up for login credentials for the Larson portal, please contact your advisor. We would be happy to walk you through a high-level overview of the system and share our best practices.  

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