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It’s People First.

Once you get to know us, you’ll hear us repeat our mission of “Empowering All to Flourish.” But what does that mean?  

To flourish means to thrive and grow vigorously, to prosper, and to achieve success. These words have power, and our actions prove it through our commitment to our clients and to those we serve in communities all over the world through our volunteerism and service efforts.

Thanks for considering Larson and hopefully we can help you flourish by becoming part of the team!

Strategic Partnerships

At Larson, we have the resources to help you grow your practice exponentially. By joining the Larson team, you can expect expanded lead flow, alternative investment offerings, and a dedicated support staff. Our in-house TAMP, Marketing Team, Insurance Processing Department, full-back-office, and financial-planning-focused Tech Stack allow our advisory teams to focus on problem-solving for their existing clients and not get distracted by the other aspects that go into a financial planning practice. If you are wanting to make a long-term transition, looking to create a potential Succession Plan, or considering selling your practice — Think Larson.

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Who We Are

  • Mission: Empowering All to Flourish
    Larson Financial Holdings exists to Empower All To Flourish and we believe that is best done by focusing on our Colleagues, Clients and Communities by being a one-stop resource for them in all areas of their financial lives. We recognize the complexities that face investors, so we have created a platform that supports over 200 Advisors across 30 states with over $4.6 billion in assets under management and are one of the fastest growing integrated financial companies in the country. 
  • Vision: One-Stop Financial Resource
    Since we were established in 2006, we have been striving to provide comprehensive financial planning and sophisticated investment advice to our clients and business owners.  We are continually adding to the services we provide because we believe we can best meet our client’s financial goals by offering everything under one roof. Their time is important so providing a one-stop financial resource just makes sense.  
  • Culture: Goal-Oriented, Servant-Leaders with a Warrior Spirit
    This is the heart of who we are. It is our belief that good business practices are clearly defined for us by principles of integrity, service, hope, and love.  We strive to live out those principles in order to accomplish our mission of ‘Empowering All to Flourish.’  By taking care of our advisors, employees, and partners, we believe this will overflow and enhance our clients’ experience so they too may flourish.