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Business owners who operate small and large businesses are often referred to as the “backbone of our economy.”  They work tirelessly to ensure their company is profitable, that systems are in place to maximize productivity and that their employees are flourishing in their jobs.

Business owners feel the weight of payroll, quarterly P&Ls, vendor negotiations, and keeping employee morale high. Understandably, sometimes the financial health of a business can take a back seat.

Most business owners are in a position where they don’t have to worry about maintaining their current lifestyle, but the nagging thought that persists in the minds of many business owners is, “Am I doing enough in my personal and professional life that at some point I’ll be able to walk away from the business?  Am I saving enough?  Is my business set up in a way that maximizes value when it comes time to exit?” These questions are often left unattended because of the pace in which business owners operate. 

Financials are hardly the only part of defining the success of a business; however, they are often one of the most personally stressful aspects.  

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