Strategic Investment Advice

At Larson, we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive. You deserve personalized and comprehensive support in pursuit of your goals, and we’re dedicated to being your most trusted financial resource.

With a focus on understanding your unique needs, our custom-tailored investment strategies are designed to empower you to navigate your financial journey with confidence. 

Our Portfolio Selection Process

Your Financial Goals

What do you want to accomplish? Do you want to retire early while retaining a steady income, or do you enjoy working and plan to do so for as long as you can? What are your goals for your family, and your legacy?

As part of our holistic financial planning process, your Larson advisor will help you create a picture of what you want to accomplish. We start with a conversation to gain a solid sense of your ability and willingness to take risks in your investment portfolio. This process includes a comprehensive risk assessment which helps define your comfort levels while on your path to reach your financial goals.

Your Investment Objective

Your investment objective ties directly into your risk tolerance for potential return given your financial aspirations and time horizon. Working together, your Larson advisor will determine the optimal strategy for achieving your goals.

For example, if your risk tolerance is high, your advisor may recommend utilizing a short-term, aggressive portfolio filled with stocks and trading opportunities. However, if you’re a more conservative investor with a low risk tolerance, your portfolio may focus on generating income using bonds and dividends.

Your Management Style

At Larson, we know our clients have different investment philosophies because they have varying goals and objectives. That’s why our Investment Committee has designed an array of investment management styles for you. Working in tandem with your advisor, you can choose a mix of approaches—from passive, limited trading portfolios to tactical global allocation portfolios—which can then be deployed in separately managed accounts.

Your Ongoing Support

The only constant thing in life is change. And when it does, the strong relationship we establish with you allows our advisors to understand and anticipate potential changes in your financial situation. As needed, our advisors will recommend changes to your portfolio which most appropriately reflect your new circumstances.

Q1 2024 Investment Update

Sam Lawhon, our Director of Investments, offers expert insights and analysis on investment trends and strategies.

Our Investing Philosophy

At Larson, we believe in transparency. As part of our mission, we want to empower you to make the best investing decisions through education and by sharing the ideas behind our investment management strategies.

We utilize a holistic and strategic planning cycle by focusing on three aspects:


Without a target, there’s no direction. Our first priority is to create a comprehensive plan addressing all aspects of your financial life, including tax, estate, and lifestyle planning. This holistic approach ensures your financial plan aligns with your long-term goals. We begin our strategic planning cycle by setting a clear target, and then factor in aspects like tax strategies, financial planning, charitable giving, and more, to help build a solid foundation for your financial journey.


As part of our holistic financial planning process, your Larson advisor will help you create a picture of what you want to accomplish. We start with a conversation to gain a solid sense of your ability and willingness to take risks in your investment portfolio. This process includes a comprehensive risk assessment which helps define your comfort levels while on your path to reach your financial goals.

Manage Dynamically

Life and economic conditions are always changing. As opportunities arise or circumstances shift, we dynamically manage portfolios by leveraging our extensive investment toolkit to stay aligned with your long-term goals. We believe it is our responsibility to help clients navigate life’s various seasons smoothly, whether it’s selling a business, buying a home, or planning for retirement. Our advisors are dedicated to guiding you through these changes, ensuring your portfolio remains on track towards your financial targets.

Once we complete this cycle—and in consideration of your risk tolerance level—we can allocate assets utilizing different strategies.

Our Investment Strategies

Leveraging their combined experience, our Investment Committee considers various factors when building portfolios. Using both data analysis and expert insights, we blend higher risk with more conservative investments to create balanced portfolios aimed at achieving your goals. Our thorough process includes examining global economic trends, conducting detailed investment research, and using data-driven analysis to find opportunities while managing risk.

Traditional Diversified Traditional Diversified

We spread your investments across different assets like stocks and bonds to balance risk and return. This strategy utilizes investment vehicles such as mutual funds and exchange-traded funds. Our investment team is continually meeting with various fund management teams, consistently seeking the best managers for your portfolio. This strategy can be suitable for both conservative and aggressive investors alike and is typically rebalanced annually.

Dynamic Dynamic

This strategy takes a more tactical approach, seeking to provide the best risk/reward combination possible using a combination of mutual funds and ETFs that represent a wide range of assets classes from US equities to liquid alternatives. The strategy comes in a variety of risk tolerances from conservative to aggressive and is rebalanced as frequently as monthly.

Equity SMA Equity SMA

We offer a variety of different single stock strategies that have different focuses. By offering a variety of different styles of strategies, we are able to better customize a portfolio that fits with your long-term goals.

Custom Indexing Custom Indexing

We replicate the performance of a chosen index by individually buying its components, enhancing returns through tax loss harvesting. In this strategy, we are able to be highly customized, excluding certain industries or setting capital gains targets to limit tax liabilities.

thematic sleeves thematic sleeves

This combines a core portfolio with theme-based investments like technology or infrastructure, allowing you to invest in specific trends as a compliment to your core investment portfolio.

Synthetic Structured Notes Synthetic Structured Notes

We create customized investments which can mimic various asset classes or strategies, offering flexibility but also involving more complexity and risk.

Unique Options Strategies Unique Options Strategies

We offer options trading to achieve specific goals. Strategies include selling calls for income, hedging portfolios against losses, and selling puts to buy stocks at lower prices.

At Larson, we strive to make investing accessible and understandable. Our goal is to empower you with knowledge and provide tailored strategies to fit your unique financial situation.

Whether you’re aiming for steady growth, income generation, or protection against market fluctuations, our diverse range of investment strategies is designed to help you achieve your financial goals with confidence. Talk with one of our advisors today to learn what strategy can help you on your path to financial success.

Our Clients Most Trusted, One-Stop Financial Resource

“My favorite thing about working at Larson is that I don’t feel that I have had to choose between my career and my personal life. Thanks to Larson, I have the opportunity to thrive in both areas. Larson is comprised of incredible employees across all departments, with one common goal – to empower all to flourish.”

Lindsey Shannon
Portfolio Data Specialist


Testimonials provided by a current Larson employee. Employee was not compensated to provide testimonial.

“We have a similar philosophy towards finances and life in general; I rely on my Larson advisor’s advice to guide my financial decisions because I trust and respect him. I have already referred several friends and colleagues to him and will continue to do so.”

Stephanie D.
Larson Financial


Testimonials provided by a current client. Client was not compensated to provide testimonial.

“The Larson Foundation has left lasting marks upon Urban K-Life of St. Louis.  Their sincere partnership and resources to help develop and nurture urban youth have been genuine, invaluable, engaging, and effective.”

Dr. J. Sims
Operations Director – Urban K-Life of St. Louis


Testimonials provided by individuals in association with their organization. Individual was not compensated to provide testimonial.

Larson Financial provided my family with a great sense of peace and security as we embarked upon retirement. The team evaluated all aspects of our financial situation to make sure that every component (taxes, insurance, wills, trust, charity…) was covered.

The expertise that went into developing and pressure testing our individual financial plan is exceptional. We feel confident that our financial future is secure no matter what disaster the future might throw our way. “

Randy and Sue J
Larson Financial


Testimonials provided by a current client. Client was not compensated to provide testimonial.

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