Giving Back

We believe in a world where prosperity knows no bounds.

Beyond being your trusted one-stop shop for comprehensive financial services, we are deeply committed to creating a positive impact on communities – both in our own backyards and throughout the world. Our mission of “Empowering All to Flourish” extends far beyond the realm of finance, as we embrace a vision of shared success and well-being in our goal of seeing 100,000 clients, colleagues, and communities flourishing by 2030.

empower (verb) /imˈpouər/: to give a person the authority or power to do something themselves; to promote their self-actualization and fulfill one’s potential

flourish (verb) /ˈfləriSH/: to grow luxuriantly; to thrive; to achieve success; to prosper

These words are verbs, meaning they are actions. And we are serious about the actions we take.

Corporate Philanthropy

We want to see 100,000 clients, colleagues, and communities flourishing by 2030.


We provide each of our employees with 16 hours of paid volunteer time each year to serve.


Employees’ charitable donations are matched by the Foundation, doubling their impact.


We are always looking for charities to partner with, either domestically or abroad.

We believe the best way to find contentment and ultimately flourish is engaging the next generation on how to give back.

Paul Larson

The Larson Foundation:
Fostering Change + Generating Opportunities

Central to our mission of “Empowering All to Flourish” is the Larson Financial Foundation, our philanthropic arm. Established in 2012, the Foundation is dedicated to catalyzing meaningful change.

Communities around the world have been impacted by the Foundation’s contributions. Some of the projects we’ve funded over the last decade include revitalizing an urban playground in St. Louis, Missouri, building greenhouses in Zamia to grow food to help support schools, and constructing a church and community center at an orphanage in Cambodia. And that’s just to name a few!

One of the Foundation’s most recent endeavors is to fund a new well system for a school in Tanzania. This allows students to have consistent access to clean water in which they can grow food, bathe, and cook meals. Tanzania is undergoing an extreme drought, and feeding and caring for students is virtually impossible without a reliable source of water. Through a grant from the Larson Foundation, these students have one less necessity to worry about. Scroll to read more!

Our active engagement in projects like these helps address pressing social issues around the world. From education initiatives to healthcare advancements, the Larson Financial Foundation is a beacon of hope, embodying our core values of compassion and responsibility.

The foundation continues to work in Cambodia, Romania, Tanzania, the Philippines, Haiti, India, Gambia, Zambia, and right here in our backyard of St. Louis. Each year, a substantial portion of the profits from Larson Financial Holdings is given to the foundation to advance our mission of empowering all to flourish.

  • Identify Opportunities within viable markets in places of great need.
  • Empower Entrepreneurs to maximize impact through creative business strategies.
  • Grow Sustainable Businesses that create jobs, stimulate markets, and add value.
  • Engage Communities through holistic development initiatives.
  • Encourage Flourishing by participating in the renewal of all things.


In pursuit of our 2023 goal of seeing 100,000 clients, colleagues, and communities flourishing, we encourage our employees (whom we call our Larson Warriors) to actively participate by volunteering. We provide each of our Warriors with 16 hours of paid volunteer time each year, allowing them to make direct and tangible influences in their communities through hands-on service.

While our daily lives can seem hectic at times, and it often doesn’t feel like there are enough hours in the day, we believe that by stepping back and serving others opens us up to more genuine connections.

Employee Giving

Through the Larson Giving Campaign, our Warriors are able to make charitable donations directly from their paychecks, which are then matched by the Foundation. By multiplying these financial contributions, the charities that are near and dear to our employees’ hearts are impacted even more.

In 2023 alone, 45 of our Warriors donated to 54 unique charitable organizations, resulting in over $38,000 given to communities in need around the world.

And we’re not done.

Empowering Communities

We are passionate about seeing communities flourish and we believe working with local charitable organizations is key in revitalizing individuals and the communities they live in. We are committed to this work because we believe in providing people with opportunities to thrive and flourish!  

True prosperity involves not just individual success but collective well-being. By focusing on giving back, we contribute to the betterment of communities while creating a sense of unity and shared progress.

  • Social Responsibility: As a responsible corporate citizen, we recognize the impact of our actions on the world. By actively participating in philanthropy, we fulfill our duty to society, working towards a more equitable and sustainable future.
  • Fulfilling a Higher Purpose: Beyond financial transactions, we believe in the power of purpose-driven actions. Giving back adds depth and meaning to our work, creating a positive ripple effect that extends far beyond the realm of numbers and accounts.

Financial Benefits of Giving Back:
Maximizing Impact

Beyond the intrinsic rewards of philanthropy, there are practical financial benefits to consider:

  • Tax Deductions: Many charitable contributions are eligible for tax deductions, providing you with a tangible financial benefit while supporting causes close to your heart. Our expert advisors can guide you through the intricacies of optimizing your philanthropic efforts for maximum tax advantages.
  • Legacy Building: Your philanthropic endeavors can become a lasting legacy, leaving a positive imprint on the world. We can assist you in crafting a strategic giving plan that aligns with your values, ensuring a meaningful impact for generations to come.

Join us in our mission of Empowering All to Flourish by embracing the transformative power of giving back. Let’s build a future where financial success is synonymous with social responsibility.

Contact us today to explore how your financial journey can make a difference beyond the balance sheet.

One At A Time

“The Larson Foundation has left lasting marks upon Urban K-Life of St. Louis.  Their sincere partnership and resources to help develop and nurture urban youth have been genuine, invaluable, engaging, and effective.”

Dr. J. Sims
Operations Director – Urban K-Life of St. Louis


Testimonials provided by individuals in association with their organization. Individual was not compensated to provide testimonial.

Human Coalition is grateful for the support of Larson as we serve women facing unexpected pregnancies with life-affirming resources, compassion, and hope.”

Julie Scott Emmons
Director of Strategic Partnerships – Human Coalition


Testimonials provided by individuals in association with their organization. Individual was not compensated to provide testimonial.

The Larson Foundation has provided many children with life-changing surgeries. They have also donated funds to provide a much-needed vehicle and they are sponsoring the daily needs of many children who have been rescued from crisis situations. These children are now living in one of our three homes, which provides them with love, care, and a safe place to call home until we either return them to their extended family or in the majority of cases find them their forever family.”

Pauline Curtis-Smith
CEO, Ruel Foundation – Give A Smile


Testimonials provided by individuals in association with their organization. Individual was not compensated to provide testimonial.

How is LFF Structured?

LFF is a 501(c)(3) Private Foundation organized in the State of Missouri. Our approved exempted activities include program related investments to establish and support local businesses in emerging markets. These sustainable businesses will impact local economics through job creation and market expansion while enabling LFF to partner within communities in implementing sustainable development initiatives.

How Does the LFF Structure Serve its Vision?

Our structure allows us to combine the best aspects of the non-profit and for-profit models. We believe that sustainable business can and should have a holistic impact within the community it serves, and our exempted purpose allows for legitimate for-profit start-up businesses to be established, owned, and operated by LFF. LFF partnership in these businesses ensures that the community impact vision for each project remains in focus as our non-profit status commits all profits to be utilized in furtherance of our exempted purpose.

This structure allows independently sustained products, markets, and revenues to impact the economies of each community while ensuring resources generated are utilized in service toward the flourishing of each community.

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