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Larson Financial has a rich history of helping healthcare professionals reach their financial independence and beyond.  


Larson’s reputation was built on providing financial planning and management services to its core client base of doctors and health care professionals.  Once Known as, “The Physician’s Specialist,” Larson quickly became the financial expert to thousands of doctors all across the country, helping them with investments, practice management, insurance, and more. While the services Larson provides extend well beyond that of just the healthcare industry, our history and experiences serving physicians still attract healthcare professionals across the nation. 

We understand that our clients are busy and need someone watching over their finances. They have questions and need answers. They need assurance that when it comes time to renew their employment contracts that they are being paid fairly.  They need guidance on disability and malpractice insurance options. They sit at the highest tax bracket, so tax, asset protection and alternative investments strategies are important.  This is where we come in.

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At Larson, we respect the commitment that Healthcare professionals continually make to serve their patients, working around the clock and using their skills and expertise to offer hope for a better life.

The medical field is stressful enough as is; financial stress should not be another weight. At the end of a busy day caring for others, we want our doctor clients to know that their finances are being handled with the same level of care.  

Our desire is to be your most trusted, one-stop financial resource.  So, it’s our responsibility to watch over your financial health so you can do what you love now and in the future. 

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Student Loan Professor (formerly known as Doctors Without Quarters) was founded to advocate for graduate health professionals and the institutions that educate and employ them; as they are otherwise underserved by the current servicing, lending, and advisory marketplaces.

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