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Your Focus is Your Clients.
We’ll Handle the Back Office.

At Larson we have the knowledge and expertise to do the heavy lifting so you can keep your business on the right track for financial success.

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Most Advisors realize that their highest and best use is building trusted relationships with their clients.  They do this by bringing value-added solutions to their clients that often entail tax strategies, wealth management, estate planning, alternative investments, and a streamlined process that gives their clients peace of mind.  One of the major impediments of growing an Advisory business is not having a platform that brings together the necessary professionals to implement the various parts of the plan along with the back-office support to scale the business. 

The Larson Financial Platform

At Larson, we have the platform, technologies, and support teams to help your business flourish!

Client Service Management team Client Service Management team

You can rely on your CSM team to coordinate all the moving pieces for your business. Client paperwork, meeting preparation, application processing, and overall act as a liaison between your business and your clients.

Compliance Compliance

Preventing violations is only a small portion of the aid our compliance department gives advisors. Helping advisors manage and file outside business activities, assisting in licensing/registration for insurance and securities, tracking gifts and gratuities, personal securities transactions, managing customer complaints, completing branch audits, are all responsibilities Larson advisors don’t have to bare alone.

Investment trading and Turnkey Asset Management Program Investment trading and Turnkey Asset Management Program

Our investment team will assist implementing customized investment strategies with a focus on proven strategies and tax efficiency across all accounts, including assets held with various 3rd party providers.

Integrated software solutions Integrated software solutions

Our operational infrastructure utilizes cutting-edge solutions and sophisticated tools that bring outside assets into a consolidated management platform for the Advisor.

White labeled marketing material and social media White labeled marketing material and social media

Keeping up to date on the everchanging world of finance is a tough enough battle as is. Getting this information in the hands of the right clients often proves an obstacle to many advisors. At Larson, our in house marketing team is constantly creating materials (personalized to you) to help grow and sustain your business.

Alternative Investment platform Alternative Investment platform

New, exclusive to Larson, alternative investments are constantly being reviewed and acquired by our experienced Capital Management team. In 2022 alone, over 900 million dollars of real estate was acquired. These investments often lead to enormous growth for our advisor’s businesses.

Growth Capital To Expand your business Growth Capital To Expand your business

You’ll have the support from a leader in the financial services industry that provides you with the resources to grow your business. From capital to ensure a smooth transition, to a host of services to meet your client’s financial goals, Larson is invested in you, so we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Advisory Practice Succession planning Advisory Practice Succession planning

We’ll walk alongside you as you develop a plan to leave the business behind for the next great adventure and make sure that your clients are set up for success.

We’re here to help

At Larson, there’s unlimited upside potential without the fear of having to start pushing products on friends and family that may not make sense for them.  Advisors can build their base of trusted clients while at the same time have the flexibility to coach their kid’s baseball team without having to ask for time off. 

Authority, autonomy, and camaraderie to build.  A support team and a host of products and services for your clients. From real estate investment opportunities to tax solutions, Larson truly will be your one-stop resource as you build your business and make more money.

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