Passion Led Us Here.

Welcome to Larson. We’re redefining what it means to thrive in the world of financial services though our mission of empowering all to flourish. Now that you’ve discovered us, prepare for a personalized experience which surpasses other firms.

We’re the financial services powerhouse you never knew existed. Since our inception in 2006, we’ve evolved from a single office to over two dozen locations nationwide.

We’ve navigated through the Great Recession and the challenges brought by the Covid-19 pandemic, emerging stronger and more resilient. Our clients have entrusted us with $6 billion in assets, confident in our ability to weather any storm.

How? It’s simple. We recognize the complexities that face investors, so we created a platform supporting over 200 advisors across 30 states and are one of the fastest growing integrated financial companies in the country.

Larson Headquarters | Downtown St. Louis, MO

Larson is your one-stop shop for all things finance.

Imagine the benefits of having your financial advisor working hand-in-hand with your CPA, insurance guru, and others—all within arm’s reach.

Our network offers you a comprehensive array of services tailored to your needs. From financial planning to private investments, real estate management to tax preparation, and beyond, our services are continually expanding to meet the evolving needs of our clients:

Whether you seek active investment strategies, robust tax planning, insurance solutions, or more, we are here to guide you every step of the way. We offer a seamless experience where your advisor collaborates closely with our specialists across various domains—all under one roof.

With Larson, it’s not just about managing your finances;
it’s about elevating your financial future.

Let’s embark on this journey together.

Schedule a complimentary conversation with one of our advisors and discover how Larson can empower you to flourish.

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Who We Are

  • Mission: Empowering All to Flourish
    True prosperity involves not just individual success but collective well-being. By focusing on our mission of “Empowering All to Flourish,” we contribute to the betterment of communities while creating a sense of unity and shared progress. Beyond being your trusted one-stop shop for comprehensive financial services, we are deeply committed to creating a positive impact on communities – both in our own backyards and throughout the world.
  • Vision: One-Stop Financial Resource
    Since our inception in 2006, we’ve provided comprehensive financial planning and sophisticated investment advice. We continually expand our services to better meet your financial goals by offering everything under one roof. Your time is important so providing a one-stop financial resource just makes sense.
  • Culture: Goal-Oriented, Servant-Leaders with a Warrior Spirit
    This is the heart of who we are. Good business practices should be clearly defined by the values of integrity, service, hope, and love. We strive to live out those principles in pursuit of our mission of “Empowering All to Flourish.” By taking care of our clients, colleagues, and communities, we believe everyone can thrive.
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Meet The People
Behind Larson.

The Larson Foundation

Our corporate philosophy is deeply rooted in service and fueled by our unwavering passion for assisting those in need. Central to our values is the dedication to giving back to our communities, both locally and globally. We proudly allocate a portion of our annual profits towards addressing pressing societal needs. Recent endeavors include feeding thousands in India, furnishing essential computer equipment for an orphanage in the Philippines, and securing funding for a new safe haven for children rescued from sex trafficking. Furthermore, we emphasize the importance of hands-on involvement by empowering our team members with 16 hours of dedicated “Warrior Time” each year. This time is dedicated to volunteering with organizations and individuals in need, whether in nearby communities or on a broader scale.

Construction of a safe house funded by the Larson Foundation

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