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Since its inception Larson has worked with thousands of clients, evaluating their portfolios and offering comprehensive analysis to best determine the right course of action for their unique financial dreams and goals.

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Investor Irene is a saver.  She works for one of the big tech firms on the coast, has some company stock options, a 401(k), and a SEP IRA from some consulting she did a few years ago.  She is married, has 3 kids, and is thinking about:

  1. Should I buy a rental property with the value of real estate increasing?
  2. How do I safely grow my portfolio as I get older
  3. What should I do with the 60% of my investments tied up in a single company stock?
  4. Are there any tax advantageous strategies I am missing out on?
  5. I haven’t contributed to my children’s college other than what my parents started us out with 5 years ago. How can I be more proactive in my approach?
  6. I think I’m an accredited investor, but I am not sure? I don’t really know what opportunities that gives me.

Investor Isacc on the other hand is a little more, shall we say “lavish”, with his money. He has been known to live a little more in the moment. Two kids, going through a divorce, he has a 401(k) he has thrown some money at over time, but as he gets older, he’s starting to think:  

  1. How do I play catch up and get my retirement on track? What does on track even mean for me?
  2. I am going through a divorce, how does that affect my financial plans? 
  3. Are 529 plans worth it? One of my children is already in high school but has expressed no interest in going down the traditional higher education route.
  4. I am comfortable taking risks, what investments out there should I consider?

Both individuals above are asking financial planning questions unique to them. While some of these questions appear as difficult problems, most of them are just enormous opportunities in disguise. Working with a Larson advisor can help you in an infinite number of ways. Take a look at our services and see all the areas we specialize in. While this is helpful, the best way to see the impact of an advisor is by talking to one. Zero cost, zero obligation, just 15 minutes of your time to see if we are the right fit for you. Discuss your ideas, hesitancies, and current financial plan on a personalized level with a fiduciary advisor today!

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“My favorite thing about working at Larson is that I don’t feel that I have had to choose between my career and my personal life. Thanks to Larson, I have the opportunity to thrive in both areas. Larson is comprised of incredible employees across all departments, with one common goal – to empower all to flourish.”

Lindsey Shannon
Portfolio Data Specialist


Testimonials provided by a current Larson employee. Employee was not compensated to provide testimonial.

“We have a similar philosophy towards finances and life in general; I rely on my Larson advisor’s advice to guide my financial decisions because I trust and respect him. I have already referred several friends and colleagues to him and will continue to do so.”

Stephanie D.
Larson Financial


Testimonials provided by a current client. Client was not compensated to provide testimonial.

“The Larson Foundation has left lasting marks upon Urban K-Life of St. Louis.  Their sincere partnership and resources to help develop and nurture urban youth have been genuine, invaluable, engaging, and effective.”

Dr. J. Sims
Operations Director – Urban K-Life of St. Louis


Testimonials provided by individuals in association with their organization. Individual was not compensated to provide testimonial.

Larson Financial provided my family with a great sense of peace and security as we embarked upon retirement. The team evaluated all aspects of our financial situation to make sure that every component (taxes, insurance, wills, trust, charity…) was covered.

The expertise that went into developing and pressure testing our individual financial plan is exceptional. We feel confident that our financial future is secure no matter what disaster the future might throw our way. “

Randy and Sue J
Larson Financial


Testimonials provided by a current client. Client was not compensated to provide testimonial.

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