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A Foundational Partner: Uttermost International 

Posted on March 4, 2024

The Larson Financial Foundation assists individuals locally in St. Louis, domestically across the United States, and internationally around the world. Recently, some of our representatives spent time serving in a few rural villages in a remote area. This was in support of and in partnership with Uttermost International, whose mission is to proclaim God’s Word and His love to the uttermost.  

uttermost (noun) /ˈədərˌmōst/: the greatest or most extreme extent or amount 

While our primary work is with the regional school, on this trip we worked alongside local pastors to meet the needs of the villagers by supplying food and educational materials to make a positive impact.  

We invested in their communities by providing Bibles in their local language and Biblical resource software. Improvements to their institution included a desktop PC for their library, a large screen TV for their training hall, and a color LaserJet printer with feed scanner. They also received 20 new HP Desktop computers with 24” monitors and software. 

The electrical grid is very unreliable in this part of the world, and the power goes off constantly. We helped enhance their overall facilities with a 200 kVA generator to power the whole school, and a 50 kVA generator to power the adjoining church building.  

Additionally, we invested in 30 split-unit classroom air conditioners. Temperatures can reach 114 degrees, and it’s hard to focus on your studies if you’re uncomfortably hot. Finally, we provided the down payment for three buses so they can transport more children to school.  

Larson’s mission of “Empowering All to Flourish” extends beyond our own backyards. We embrace and run towards this vision of shared success and well-being for everyone all over the world.  

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