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By offering more services and solutions, Larson is able to increase the overall value and consolidate things for the client under one roof.

Larson has custodied billions at Schwab/TD Ameritrade for many years.  In 2020, Larson joined the referral network now known as SAN (Schwab Advisor Network) and has had tremendous success partnering with Financial Consultants all over the country.  It was evident when Larson joined the network that there are not many firms on the platform that do holistic planning, and implementation of the plan, in-house.

The majority of referrals that come to Larson from Schwab

Financial Consultants are looking for help with tax planning, wealth management, and estate planning and are interested in finding ways to create passive income streams with investments outside of the public markets.  Our alternative investment division has over 25 projects that have been approved on the Schwab platform and has been one of the most attractive, value-add opportunities for clients seeking to expand beyond a retail account. 

Larson’s average wallet share they service for clients is 92% while most Schwab consultants manage 15-20% of the total client net worth.

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