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Year-End Tax Planning for an Uncertain Future

Posted on November 11, 2021

Attend this discussion on the proposed “Build America Back Better” Act. What’s in it? When does it go into effect? And most importantly, how do we plan for it in 2021 and beyond? All of these questions and more will be addressed in this engaging webinar. Larson Tax Partners’ Director of Tax Strategy & Services, Brent Robbs, CPA/PFS, CFP(R), CEPA, will be walking through the details of the proposed agenda, and how you can prepare for the potential changes.

Hosted 11/10/2021

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Larson Financial Group knows how valuable your time is. We try and make our webinars as concise and informative as possible. However, we recognize that we may not have spent as much time on each topic as you may have hoped. If you still have questions about one of the topics discussed today, or have another financial planning question in general, we encourage you to reach out. Book a meeting with an LFG advisor here.

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