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So, are we in a Recession?

Posted on February 23, 2022

The past few months the news cycles have been flooded with headlines about a recession. Some outlets say one is quickly coming. Others say we are already in one. While the word recession carries a well earned negative connotation, there are strategies you can take to most effectively navigate one. During this webinar Larson Financial Group President, Colin Wiens, and Avantis Chief Investment Strategist, Phil McInnis, share their experiences on financial planning during recessions.

Discussion Topics:
• How do I plan for large drops in the market?
• What signs do financial experts look for leading up to/during a recession?
• Could a 2022 recession look anything like 2008?
• If the market dips, should I try and time the market?
• What role does inflation play?

Let’s Connect

Larson Financial Group knows how valuable your time is. We try and make our webinars as concise and informative as possible. However, we recognize that we may not have spent as much time on each topic as you may have hoped. If you still have questions about one of the topics discussed today, or have another financial planning question in general, we encourage you to reach out. Book a meeting with a Larson Financial Group advisor here.

Hosted: 9/21/2022

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