Open for funding

Larson Capital Opportunity Zone Fund IV (LCOZ IV)


  • $60,000,000Target Fund Size

  • $75,000Minimum Investment

New York city skyline panorama at night. Aerial panoramic view of Manhattan illuminated skyscrapers after the sunset

Key Investment Highlights

  • Larson Capital Opportunity Zone Fund IV, LLC (“LCOZ IV”) was created for investors who have recently sold property (e.g., real estate, stock, businesses or medical practices) at a gain and wish to reinvest the gains.
  • An investment into LCOZ IV creates the potential for tax advantagesinvestment returns and the opportunity to participate in rejuvenating an economically distressed area.
  • LCOZ IV will target quality properties in Qualified Opportunity Zones with stable tenants, favorable lease agreements, and the potential to add value by improving operating efficiencies.   
  • Placement of qualified capital gains into LCOZ IV gives access to potential tax benefits:
    • Deferral of Capital Gains Taxes:  Defer capital gains until 2026
    • Elimination of Additional Gains Taxes:  If qualified fund interest is held for at least 10 years, additional gains are tax-free

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