Larson Studios Multi-Market Delivery Services

Larson Studios is now pleased to provide new multi-market and delivery services including Audio Restoration and Mastering for DVD, 5.1 Surround Creation from previously mixed material, and Conform, Layback, Transfer and Audio Duplication of distribution delivery elements and DOLBY E Mastering 

With over 20 years of combined experience in restoring vintage and damaged audio elements, Larson Studios’ Multi-Market Delivery Services brings together a uniquely qualified group of engineers and support staff. At Larson we are committed to providing the client with a combination of timely information, feedback and engineering skills that completes projects smoothly and on time. Larson Studios, MMDS understands that dealing with vintage material can be a challenge. That’s why element evaluation, recommendation, QC and timely, concise feedback to the client are primary on each project. Larson Studios, MMDS provides 24-hour information available to the client regarding any stage of the restoration-mastering process. Twenty years of experience has made us aware of the problems created when clients are not provided with the information they need to make a decision. Larson staff will always be available to respond to any question so projects are completed on time and delivery schedules get met. Larson Studios, MMDS 5.1 (6.1) Surround Creation is state of the art in providing a complete surround sound experience. MMDS 5.1 (6.1, 7.1) Surround Creation can produce complete surround mixes from stereo stems  without the need to return to remix original tracks.

Larson Studios, MMDS also  provides Conform, Layback, Transfer and Audio Duplication services with an emphasis on the needs of International Distributors. Our experienced staff easily solves any standard or format compatibility issue, PAL, NTSC, 24FPS. That means your dubbing and print mastering materials arrive at the stage or lab ready to sync up, and any and all questions are promptly responded to by our staff.

Larson Studios, MMDS is a completely digital facility designed to industry standards, and all work is completed in an entirely digital environment.


Restoration Repurposing and Mastering

• Element evaluation and recommendation.

• Digital de-noising using industry standard Sonic Solutions No-Noise, Cedar, and Waves Restoration  for ProTools As well as Cedar DNS.

• Full QC with reports created to client specifications.  

5.1 Surround Creation

• Full surround mixes( 5.1 or 6.1) derived from original stereo, mixed material using proprietary techniques and technologies, including specialized SRS and TC Electronic System 6000 UnWrap technology.  You simply will not believe your ears!


• Laybacks directly to digital video dubs and masters. PAL, NTSC and 24P. • Laybacks to DA88 with picture reference. • Vari-speed conversions for all formats and standards.  


• HDSR, D5, Dolby E, Clones, Digital Audio Tape (DA88 or DAT) to Digital Audio Tape. 35mm, 16mm and 17.5mm Magnetic Film,  Analog or Digital Audio Tape. Sony 3324, Otari MTR 90, MTR 12.

Vari-speed conversions for international delivery materials

PAL or NTSC, 24 FPS to 25 FPS, and all formats/standards.

For information on these and additional services call Larson Studios  today at 323-469-3986