ISDN Audio for Worldwide Connectivity

Images of Dolby Equipment
Larson Studios supports:
Skype for ADR Supervision (Sunset)  (Wilcox)

*Please be sure to schedule before your session.
Larson Studios Supports:
CDQ Prima/ Musicam 
Telos Zepher 
We are an EDnet Affiliate
We also support:
SourceConnect Pro
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We can upon request, supply other Codecs
but will incur additional charges.

Sunset Facility ISDN Numbers
Line 1     1.323.464.6820    DolbyFax
Line 2     1.323.464.6845
Line 3     1.323.957.9661
Line 4     1.323.957.9897

Line 5     1.323.460.5103    Prima/Zepher
Line 6     1.323.460.5134

Larson Sunset Contact    1.323.469.3986

Wilcox Facility ISDN Numbers
Line 1     1.323.460.2008
Line 2     1.323.460.2051
Line 3     1.323.460.2028
Line 4     1.323.460.2084

Larson Wilcox Contact     1.323.337.8610

Please call to schedule a test before your session if needed.